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Brandi Winans

Vice President

Chris Clark


Michelle Gilbey Bertoni


Eugene McDonald


Dick Nielsen

Past President

Mark Donohue


Barbara Sparks-McGlinchy

BJ Daniels

Bo Cimino

Brent Hulling

Chuck Fogarty

David Polkinghorn

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Joey Johnston

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Pete Scaglione

Brandi Winans

Letter from your President

Greetings from your new President,

I am deeply honored to serve as the second female president of The Sports Club of Tampa Bay in our 62-year history.

Following the distinguished leadership of my predecessor, President Barbara Sparks-McGlinchy, and the esteemed outgoing President, Mark Donohue, I am keenly aware of the responsibilities this role encompasses. Fortified by the dedicated support of our Officers and Board Members, I am confident that our collective efforts will bring remarkable achievements.

To familiarize you with my background, my career portfolio is diverse and multidimensional, spanning multiple industries and roles. This includes my past work as an actor, author, public speaker, banker, special events coordinator, transition coach, and radio/TV host.

My personal life has been profoundly intertwined with the sports world, having been married to the late NFL player, Jeff Winans, for over three decades. Jeff had an illustrious career playing for Buffalo, Tampa, and the Oakland Raiders. We were fortunate to have a son, Travis Winans, a professional performance trainer specializing in sports medicine, a wonderful daughter-in-law, Jessica, a Registered Nurse at St. Anthonys, and my adoring granddaughter, Olivia. Unfortunately, we lost Jeff ten years ago to Stage III CTE.

One of my core missions is to guide teenagers and young adults in realizing and harnessing their innate talents and abilities. Additionally, I work tirelessly to assist former players and their families navigate the complex transition from professional sports to everyday life.

As part of my commitment to service, I have been involved in several significant initiatives. I am proud to have been a founding member of the NFL Alumni Tampa Bay Chapter in 2016, and to be a member of both the Off The Field Player Wives Association and the Concussion Legacy Foundation Advisory Council. Moreover, I dedicated 13 years as a Board Director for The Boys and Girls Club of the Suncoast and served for 10 years as Co-Chair for The Department of Juvenile Justice Faith and Community Network, Circuit 6, where I focused on aiding troubled teenagers.

My primary objective during my term as president is to invigorate membership growth, amplify the success of our 2nd Annual Charity Golf Classic, attract new sponsors, and intensify our engagement through an assortment of member-centric outdoor activities.

I eagerly anticipate personally meeting each of you at our forthcoming events and encourage you to approach me for any conversations or suggestions.

At your service,
Brandi Winans

Since its founding in 1961, as the Bayshore Optimist Club, the Sports Club of Tampa Bay has provided over 1 million dollars to youth, charitable organizations, and especially the Boys and Girls Club of Tampa Bay.

Our annual Hall of Fame Banquet each March, in which we induct local and professional sports legends from the Tampa Bay area into the Hall of Fame, raises thousands of dollars for the Boys and Girls Club.

In addition, the Club recognizes the University of South Florida and the University of Tampa. The Club provides monetary donations to both Universities.

The Sports Club can only accomplish our mission with your help and membership. We meet at least once per month at the plush Tampa Club in downtown Tampa and our dinner meetings are comprised of exciting local and national sports figures that speak to us at the meetings. You will never be disappointed. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming dinner meetings because it is through your efforts that we can continue to serve the needs of our youth and the next generation in Tampa Bay.